My Coaching Programs 

I specialise in Confidence Coaching working with my clients who in process of life changing events and traumes have lost passion for life and their self-confidence. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching Sessions with me will transform the way you see yourself and others. I believe that the power to change lies within you and I will support you on your personal journey every step of the way.

5 weeks of my signature - Empowered Confidence Coaching Program

During my Empowered Confidence Coaching Program we will work on:

  • Breakingthrough and getting rid of your limiting believes and self-sabotaging behaviours that currently keep you stuck in the past
  • Learning how to become more powerful communicator at work and private life
  • Unleashing the power within you to find your passion in life
  • Building up your confidence by applying powerful but simple NLP tools to your every day routines 
  • Building a healthy relationship with yourself and others
  • Overcoming traumas and phobias 
  • Embracing your inner godess and becomig the fearless woman you were born to be