The Confidence Breakthrough (5-6 November 2016) Double Tree Hotel London

Imagine if transforming your life becomes as easy as learning A B C D…well now you can and here is how:

The Confidence Breakthrough ® is a 7 step formula that when followed enables you to make real breakthroughs in your life.


I am inviting you to join us at this 2 day Seminar “The Confidence Breakthrough” – 7 experts in their field delivering 7 steps for you make this a reality! 


Over the two days you will have expert after expert sharing proven tools to help you shift and grow in confidence. I personally will be sharing with you Committing to Something Bigger part of the “The Confidence Breakthrough” seminar and I cannot wait to see you there.   


Your Patway to Confidence 2017 (25 February 2017)        Red Lion Hotel Basingstoke



How are those New Year resolutions for 2017 look like in your mind? Do you wish for better health, better body, better finanses and happier relationships?  Perhaps you see new career aspirations on horizon or want to find love but you just lack the confidence and self believe to make those changes.


Transforming your life is the toughest task, right?


Taking that next step confidently is a challenge, I know, I have been there!


“Your Pathway to Confidence ®” is a one-day intensive workshop where we will look at how we can empower you and transform your confidence with help of powerful NLP tools in each area of your life aiming from zero to your  personal best. You will leave the worksshop ready to face your fears and with the knowlege and toolbox to make 2017 the best year of your life.  


I am inviting you to join me at this event and take a leap of faith to better and more confident you in 2017. 


To view my You Tube Video from the event Click Here