Discover CLARITY about life you truly desire
Gain COURAGE to take the powerful steps toward the change
Ignite your inner CONFIDENCE to create the life
YOU truly deserve and dream of.

Do you feel stuck on your current path and need clarity to find your way forward?

Are you tired of your limiting beliefs sabotaging your efforts and looking for the courage to live up to your full potential?

Does your negative mindset stop you from having the right level of confidence to be a successful in life and business?

Its time to fix all that and change radically the way you
see yourself in your private and business life!

Hi! My name is Beata Podgorska

and as a Mindset & Confidence Coach and a Motivational Speaker I am on a mission to empower women around the world by using powerful mindset tools and processes to help them find their Inner Confidence. I help women in embracing growth and change in their life as a necessary process of letting go of what no longer serves them.

Throughout our journey together with my clients, I help them find clarity and courage to go against all odds and bravely follow theirĀ  purpose with confidence.

Are you ready to rebuild your confidence and design your life?

Rebuild your Confidence, Design your Life


1:1 Coaching

Individual 1:1 work where we design personal plan for you where we focus on inner mindset work and getting rid of your self-sabotaging beliefs keeping you stuck and guilty over wanting fulfilled and balanced work-life. We will rediscover a positive more authentic version of yourself which in process will leave you more confident person in business and personal life. Its ok to want to have it all and you deserve it.

Group Coaching

Coaching designed on working together in small groups to achieve the confidence you seek while connecting deeply with people walking the same path. Sharing experiences and expertise in life and business will help you gain more clarity and will promote heathy feedback which you can use to scale your self-confidence.


As a speaker, I am available to talk about importance of positive mindset, limiting beliefs, clarity and the journey towards confidence.

Online Courses

Online programs for those who want to embark on a journey towards confidence while being located anywhere in the world.

Workshops & Seminars

Next to coaching, I also give workshops and seminars, in which I work with participants intensively learning on how positive mindset can elevate their success in business and give them instant confidence in everyday life.