Hi! I’m Beata Podgorska, I’m a Mindset & Confidence Coach and I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs find the instant confidence needed to achieve their dreams.

I am very passionate about supporting others who want to follow their passion and shortcut their way to success. And that’s because I personally experienced how it feels to be stuck in a life that doesn’t feel yours and to lack the confidence to take matters into your own hands.

I grew up in Poland having very little, but since I was a kid my parents showed me that with dedication, passion and hard work, it was possible to achieve whatever your heart desires.

In 2002, after graduating with a bachelor degree in Business Studies longing for an adventure and following my then boyfriend, I moved to the UK and settled in London. The reality of being in a foreign country – and learning the language – was daunting, but with my family teachings in mind, I started working in a hotel as a cleaner; through effort and dedication, I made my way up, soon becoming a Manager in a hotel. During this time, my partner and I also got engaged, but unfortunately, after 8 years together, he turned out to be not-so-much of a Prince Charming; just 3 months prior to our wedding, he revealed a long kept secret; he told me he had cheated on me two years into our relationship and that he had a daughter.

Needless to say, after such shocking revelation, I broke off the engagement, cancelled the wedding and found myself shattered and completely lost. Once strong and confident, I now felt worthless and stuck. I knew though that I couldn’t give up, so I started to rebuild my life, alone. I moved to a different city, started a new career, and eventually embarked on a healing journey which through tons of self -development courses and seminars led me in 2012 to take an NLP course that changed my life completely!

I felt reborn. I suddenly realized that all those years I was living a lie and that I was the reflection of what others wanted me to be. Through the course, I was now ready to embrace who I was and my true confidence could come alive; all the limiting beliefs affecting my life and unhealthy mindset were finally lifting, leaving space for clarity and courage to live the life I had deserved and always wanted.

And best of all, through this process, my calling found me; I understood I wanted to help others to find their long-lost inner confidence and face any circumstance in life, just like I did, to eventually become the best version of themselves.

I finalized my training and got certified as a NLP Practitioner; I now understood how important self-belief and a correct mindset are in everyday life, and that’s why I wanted to help others rediscover the inner strength to design the life they wanted. So in 2012 I opened my coaching practice, focusing on mindset work. Since then I’ve impacted clients with my bold coaching methods and helped them turn into confident individuals who live by their rules and constantly scale their life to achieve their dreams.

And now I’m here to use my personal experience and my professional expertise to serve and help you next!

Are you ready to be bold and more confident with me? Book a call with me and let’s get to work on your confidence make-over!