Services – Beata Podgorska

If you are looking for a coach that will give you a mindset reload and turn you instantly into the most confident version of yourself, then I’ve got what you need!

Here’s an overview of the services I offer;

  1. One to one coaching – 6 weeks of Instant Confidence Reload (or Bold & Confident coaching program)
    A 6-weeks journey towards the rediscovery of confidence and higher self-esteem. The program aims at identifying and getting rid of negative mindsets, while giving you the tools to rebuild your confidence to move forward. The program is tailored to suit your needs and personal goals.
  2. Group Coaching
    Group Coaching is hosted online through Skype or Zoom and each group is made of people sharing the same goal. Being in a group offers a community, passive learning and most importantly, accountability and a support system to reach your personal targets in a quicker way.
  3. Online Courses
    Online programs are perfect for you if you want to embark on a journey towards confidence in your own pace and while being everywhere in the world.
  4. Workshops and Seminars
    Next to my coaching services, I also offer workshops and seminars. The participants work intensively through exercises and instant implementation to get a new level of confidence and self-belief. If you are interested in booking me for a workshop or seminar, please get in touch here.

Remember, I’m not your business coach – my work is focused on giving you the clarity needed to be brave and do all it takes to lead your business and personal life to success!

If that’s what you are looking for, do not hesitate to book a call with me today to start working on your confidence!

If you are looking for a speaker for your events, feel free to reach out. As a speaker, I offer talks on the following topics; the journey to confidence, mindset, self-limiting beliefs, the NLP approach in coaching.

If you are interested in booking me as a speaker, you can get in touch here.